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Viewer Count Too Low on YouTube Videos? It’s Time to Fix That!

People go to YouTube to search for certain videos about specific topics which could range from anything to anything. However, if you’ve come across a video that has poor audio levels, chances are you’re just going to click on the back button of your browser to try and search for other relevant clips found in your search results.

The problems don’t end there since other people will notice that there’s something wrong with the video and will not bother checking it out in the first place. This notion holds true when you’re at the other end that is, when you’re the owner of the YouTube video. If you’re new to publishing YouTube videos, then you might become discouraged by the low video count. Here are some tips to help rectify that situation.

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Simple Tips to Help Boost YouTube Video Viewer Count


  • Add Annotations

What are video annotations? Annotations are those small text bubbles that you see popping up on YouTube videos that might suddenly appear in the middle of the clip. These bubbles contain small bits of text like “Leave a like,” or “Don’t forget to subscribe!” While seemingly small, these are fantastic ways of increasing YouTube views in your videos. The secret lies in the links found in the annotations as you can embed URLs in them. So, once they pop, viewers can click on them to be redirected to another video, or perhaps towards your YouTube channel.

  • Use the Power of Playlists

Many YouTube users, or YouTubers for short, don’t realize that creating playlists is an excellent way of increasing overall view count. A playlist, or otherwise known as a group of videos, will play in the order they’re arranged. The next video clip will even play automatically once one video ends. Furthermore, you should remember that playlists come up separately when viewing them in search results. In doing so, it delivers more opportunities for people trying to search for particular content as the viewer might choose to watch the entire breadth of the playlist or just play one clip found in said list.

  • Gain More Subscribers

Gaining subscribers is more difficult than increasing viewer count, and many YouTubers know this to be an absolute fact. You might have thousands of views in your YouTube videos, but you might only have 10 subscribers following your channel. Nonetheless, if you can increase your subscriber count, then this is the best way to get an increasing number of views for your videos.

Simply speaking, subscribers find your content to be noteworthy, and they will constantly check your channel for new videos. If you have a particular schedule you’ve been following when uploading videos, then your followers will know when to tune in to your channel. Just think about this – if you have 500 subscribers on your channel, then you are almost assured of at least 500 views per video you publish on YouTube.

So, now the question is-how do you get more subscribers? There are plenty of ways to achieve a higher subscriber count, such as directly asking viewers to subscribe, or perhaps posting a blog post in your website while leaving a link to your YouTube channel.